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Welcome to  our  "Hiring Suite" of Assessments

Where Technology Gives You a Competitive Advantage with On Line Assessments For Your Hiring And Career Strategies.

Personality Plus - Psychometrics Johnston Index - Cognitive 

Insure Survey - Honesty   SSI Sales Strategy Index - Sales Skills

And now the introducing "SalesDrive" for building your very Competitive Sales Team  a Free Report!


At some point in your career you may be faced with Hiring and the Building of your sales team. Our HIRING SUITE offers you tools that help direct you through the tough decisions.   

Using these highly accurate tools will help you make the right hire and then provide a road map for training, coaching and motivating a new hire or even an existing person. 

The the best place to start is self evaluation. What are your straights and how can you continue to grow by developing those strength.

John Maxwell in his book "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth"  states "Align your methods of personal growth with your personality type."


Today, it is imperative to take advantage of technology and the tools available to help you in these areas.  There are two that merit attention. One measures your personality traits (psychometrics) called Personality Plus/Johnston Index. It tells you if they are a true fit for your position, your company and if they will do your job. This answers the questions “Will they sell?” and “How do they sell?” Should a person be hired it will provide a road map a management tool to work and develop them.

The second tool is the Sales Strategy Index,which measures sales knowledge in Prospecting, First impression, Qualifying, Demonstrating, Influencing, and Closing, the six steps of the selling process. It helps answer the question, "Can they sell?" This would give you not only a tool for hiring but also a guide on where they need help.                                                                      

Together these tools would give you a one-on-one road map for better coaching, teaching and managing of your sales team.

Remember the hire is only the beginning to bringing that IMPACT player aboard and making them successful

The Pre-Hire Assessment Package can be taken over the Internet and includes a consultation.

This could be a significant step to improving the hiring efficiencies and productivity of your company and could eliminate cost associated with “Bad Hires and Poor Performance."