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The Top 10.5 Reasons for Finding and Keeping Top Performing IMPACT Salespeople" 





iHireSmart.Net provides key tips and proven techniques to companies that want to Find and Keep critical sales hires.

Are you tired of being fooled by impersonators?

 Below are just a few of the strategies you will learn from this report:

· What is a game Changer?

· What is the hard cost of a bad hire or losing a great hire?

· What does Top Performers want besides money?

· What are the reasons top salespeople leave?

· What is Psychometrics, what does a Top Producer look like? What does a Game Changer look like?

Our Clients such as you have played a major role in the development of their Perfect Search. This process has provided major sales talent, individuals that raise the bar of revenue, to our Clients upwards of 800 placements with over a 90% three year Return On Investment.

It is about doing things the right way getting to the best talent out there not just those available now. It is about getting to talent that is passive the best available in the market not those in someone’s resume file.

It is about you, your company, growing your company with dynamic RIGHT FIT contributors that will stay with you for 3 plus years..

That is what of the L’Ange Group can provide you. The process, the tools the knowledge.



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The iHire Smart Program, the Perfect Search, is defined as a mythological process of Research, Search and Recruitment that gives high odds for success to you the Hiring Manager. This FREE Report gives you insight to what drives todays top sales candidates.