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What Will It Be Like Lord?
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Bio of Kathy Maria L'Ange

A Short Introduction,

                  I was born Georgia Maria Politis in Drama, Greece.                   

I was given up  for adoption at age 3 and adopted by an American family at age six. 

I was very malnourished and had a congenital heart defect. My cultural  

adjustment was extremely difficult. I found solace in being by myself, thinking 

and writing. A Doctor at Children's Hospital in St Louis Missouri fixed my heart with 

surgery. At age six I had little grasp of how blessed I was and

the gift that lied latent waiting to be expressed.  Thoughts and words have always

come easy to  me as if guided by a higher power. Years ago, I awoke with the poem 

“What Will It Be Like, Lord” By some unknown power, the words just flowed, 

and the message spoke loudly to me. Today it is part of my life’s foundation. 

This poem has given me peace, hope, and faith. I hope in sharing this you will find a

special place so you may experience the same.”

 "What Will It Be Like, Lord?”