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About Us, Game Changers


Sales and Technical Support Talent is what will make your company special.

As a leading provider of I.T. Talent, we take pride in offering a Research, Search and Recruitment Process that ranks with the largest and best Executive Recruiting Organizations. Our lead Reseacher is one of the best in the search for talent. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Simple we find Game Chagers.

Game Changers are those individuals that will move your company forward in this 21 century.

“Game Changers must be identified and recruited; they are individuals that are Bright, Creative, Competitive, Strong Recognition Need, Assertive, a Career Building Job History and Quantifiable Successes. AND they match the Culture of the Company and Position.” - Terry L'Ange

Terry L'Ange founded The L'Ange Group a Hiring and Performance Company. Terry L'Ange brings over two decades of sales, sales management and senior management to his corporate clients. Terry has worked for three Fortune 500 companies and was area V.P. of a major National Search and Recruiting Organization. Mr. L'Ange has been recognized for both recruiting and developing company performance. He has served as a Corporate Hiring Coach and facilitates a seminar entitled "iHire Smart for Sales."

Our iHire Smart Process has been developed by our Clients. Clients over the years added their thoughts to what we were doing and together we developed our unique 25 step process, the iHire Smart Program